JAWS Camps for 2015

July back to back camps   July 4th  Jaws 23 and July 12  Jaws 24

Jaws 25 August 1st

Jaws 26 coming in November.

“JAWS” or Just Add Water Surfing program, is the flagship program of the Ocean Healing Group…Specifically geared and customized for youngsters in wheelchairs, the JAWS program is free of cost to it’s participants… Underwritten by Ocean Healing Group and generous sponsors, JAWS utilizes a phenomenal group of highly trained volunteers, all of whom posses significant in water experience and lifeguard training…Our JAWS program has a two-fold mission; our major goal is to help our campers establish a sense of independence as well as experience the thrill of real adventure while allowing the parents to kick back, relax and actually enjoy a real vacation without having to worry about their disabled child 24/7. Spread over the course of 8-10 days, we engage our kids in a wide variety of fun and exciting activities. Including, but not limited to Surfing, rainforest Zip-line tours, Quad Riding nature tours, Snorkling, Horseback Riding and Deep Sea Fishing. It’s our collective mission, to help them to break down their mental and physical barriers, while building up their self confidence so they can expand the bounds of possibility for themselves…It’s all about helping them to carve the “Dis” out of Disability!