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A "surf’s up" Thanksgiving for local disabled teenager

By Berkeley Brean

Chase Marcott straps himself into wheelchair do one of the things he loves. Basketball.

Born with spina bifida, Chase has lived his whole life in a wheelchair. But he’s on the Rochester wheelchair basketball team and he competes in track and field. And the trophies and medals on display in his home shows he does both well…
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Making Anything Possible

By Erika Bogan

As a nine-year veteran and athlete in the disability community, I have been blessed with many adventures and opportunities to meet some of the most amazing, vivacious people in the world. When I sustained a spinal-cord injury at age 21, as a result of a domestic violence incident, I had no idea it would be the start of a new life.

From the very beginning, I made up my mind anything was possible, and I was not only going to prove that to myself but to others through my journey. Some of the opportunities I have been blessed with include holding the title of Ms. Wheelchair America 2010, being part of Team Colours, for Colours Wheelchair, and of course participating in my favorite sport, surfing…


The Ocean is a Great Teacher.” The Ocean Healing Group makes a HUGE difference in the lives of these young people…

Celia A. Brewer

The organization — “Ocean Healing Group — is the brainchild of Frank Bauer, an Aspen volunteer firefighter, longtime local and lifelong surfer.

In my last entry, I conveyed our excitement about an upcoming trip to Costa Rica with Ocean Healing Group (OHG), an organization dedicated to taking kids in wheelchairs on week-long adaptive surf adventures in Costa Rica.